Rules update

17 April 2024

Dear children of Tanak,

We have posted the new version of the rules which contains information regarding siege weapons

The document can be found here

Good reading!

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Camp information

10 April 2024

Dear children of Tanak,

We've been asked this question quite a bit, so here's some information that might interest you. The TO camps will actually be organized according to the region determined for the group or character you will play.
All groups in the same region will therefore have to arrange for installation in the areas, taking into account safety markings (firefighter access) and a central space which will accommodate the altar of life. The markers in the camps will therefore be:
a main entrance
a firefighter access path to the center of the camp
a central place

To make it easier to organize the different camps for Ragnarok Cycle 3, we have created corresponding Facebook groups for you.

We invite all group leaders at least to join the one that suits you. You will thus be able to get to know each other and arrange TO. We can also send you some information if necessary.

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Photos from the 2023 event

16 October 2023

As promised, here are the photos!

A first album with TI photos has just been published, you can find it here:

An album of TO photos taken during editing also arrives immediately 😃

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Elective General Assembly on September 30

18 September 2023

Dear nomads,

The arches have closed on this 2nd story arc and new ones are already opening on the beginnings of the 3rd cycle. Like every year, places become available at the General Assembly and we need motivated people to make this new opus a success.

Want to be one of the stones on which the 3rd cycle will be built? The elective General Assembly will take place on Saturday September 30!

Do you want to join the Gener... Lire la suite

Summary of important information

05 July 2023

Dear nomads,

Here is the time for the last reminders:

Time In Thursday, July 20 at 8 a.m.
You will wake up/get up in game. Our goal is not to shout “Time In” on the plain. So assume that the game starts as soon as you get up.

The micro climate we have on Tanak gives us very hot days and cold nights. Do not forget to hydrate yourself thanks to the various water points available on the site. Plan your bed accordingly to resist the cool... Lire la suite

List of artisans 2023

06 July 2023

Dear nomads,

Here is the list of craftsmen present at Ragnarok this year, we have classified them by theme;)

Etain Scelle: sale of jewelry, hats, clothes
Kaernunos: sale of LARP equipment
The ink and the pearl: Ephemeral tattoos using stamps, hand-engraved on wood and rubber, then printed on the skin with waterproof cosmetic ink.
Handmade jewelry in copper or brass, leather, tortoiseshell, etc.
My LARP: sale of LARP equipment
Thomas Cornado Enchantoureur: Decorations and wooden objects
Les ateliers des Brumes: sale and cus... Lire la suite

Logistics reminders

05 July 2023

Dear nomads,

Today, let's look at some logistical information, both for newcomers to the roads of Tanak and for regulars who have already traveled up and down them.

Regarding water:
The Ragnarok site is connected to running water. There are therefore several water points accessible on the surface of the field. We install basins and taps there and you have access to wash your hands, fill your water bottles, cans, wash your face, etc.
If you h... Lire la suite

Instructions for in-game arrivals

01 July 2023

Dear nomads,

What if you get to Ragnarok after Time In has started?

It is very simple:
do not enter with your vehicle on the game site. You will park your car in the parking lot located in the field which is on the other side of the road;
you must arrive in costume so as not to disturb the immersion of the other participants;
if you arrive with your belongings, arrange to camouflage them, the best thing being that... Lire la suite

Fire instructions

26 June 2023

Dear nomads,

Today we are reminding you of the instructions concerning the fires, braziers, etc. of the camps in order to refresh everyone's memory :)

You can find a pinterest table of the different types of braziers and basins authorized in Ragnarok (the list is not exhaustive, these are examples):

Concretely how is it going in Ragnarok?
In each district is install... Lire la suite

End of online ticket sales

26 June 2023

Dear nomads,

As you all know, Ragnarok is fast approaching. We hope you are as excited as we are!

We will close online ticket sales for Ragnarok on Sunday, July 9 at 8 p.m.

A large part of the team, including our IT team, will be on site shortly afterwards and we will therefore no longer be able to solve problems with the purchase of places. The same goes for exchanges and redemptions of places, don't forget to close... Lire la suite

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