List of artisans 2023

06 July 2023

Dear nomads,

Here is the list of craftsmen present at Ragnarok this year, we have classified them by theme;)

Etain Scelle: sale of jewelry, hats, clothes
Kaernunos: sale of LARP equipment
The ink and the pearl: Ephemeral tattoos using stamps, hand-engraved on wood and rubber, then printed on the skin with waterproof cosmetic ink.
Handmade jewelry in copper or brass, leather, tortoiseshell, etc.
My LARP: sale of LARP equipment
Thomas Cornado Enchantoureur: Decorations and wooden objects
Les ateliers des Brumes: sale and customization of LARP equipment
The Grand Bazarnaum: fortune telling, drawing cards, small leather object (Game area)
Tanak's “Bazaar”: Sale of small handicrafts (Game area)
Valeïna Création: laser-engraved objects on various media (wood, leather, etc.) and 3D prints (lanterns and other objects)

Good Place Tavern: Drinking place (Play area)
Red Fork Tavern: Drinking place (Game area)
The pitching wolf: Drinking place (Play area)
Bar Laurent Latinne: Beverage outlet (Play area)
Archymede sprl: Beverage, craft beer

The Ashram Grill: Sale of food by the piece.
The Gourmet Route: Bakery and sweet pleasures
Midnight Tavern: Drinks and sells food by the pack or by the piece. (Vegan and Veggie food available on request) (Play area)
Le Foirail Toqué: Restaurant (Play area)
La Bonne Bouffe: Sale of food by pack and piece.

Le Jardin Clair Obscur: Massage and hairdressing
AngéRon Well-being and beauty: Ephemeral tattoos (in black and/or colored Australian ink) airbrushed or by hand mainly with a tribal, viking theme (for warriors, soldiers, vampires, monsters, …) among others , with the possibility of applying glitter (herbal and biodegradable) using a natural shea balm (for fairies, elves,…)
Claire Van Wassenhoven: Massage


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