Fire instructions

26 June 2023

Dear nomads,

Today we are reminding you of the instructions concerning the fires, braziers, etc. of the camps in order to refresh everyone's memory :)

You can find a pinterest table of the different types of braziers and basins authorized in Ragnarok (the list is not exhaustive, these are examples):

Concretely how is it going in Ragnarok?
In each district is installed a basin and a pile of wood, it is the district fire. The wood is used to feed the neighborhood fire and it is up to the caravans that are part of it to keep it alive (or not if you do not want a fire). The basin cannot be moved and there is a fire extinguisher nearby in case of a problem. The fire extinguisher must also remain in its place.

Concerning fires in caravans: there must be a circle of 6m in diameter WITHOUT ANYTHING around the fire to avoid problems. Each caravan is required to have a fire extinguisher suitable for its type of fire and possibly a fire blanket (we remind you that car fire extinguishers ARE NOT suitable fire extinguishers).
We do not provide the wood for the fires of the different caravans.

All fires must be made in braziers or basins, it is not allowed to make a fire on the ground. Put a metal plate under the braziers so that the embers do not fall directly into the lawn.

See you soon!

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