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20 February 2020

L’Assemblée Générale de Ragnarok a bien eu lieu ce mardi 15 octobre. Cette AG élective a permis la constitution de l’équipe de Ragnarok 2020. 

 Vous trouverez sur cette publication le trombinoscope reprenant les membres de l’organisation pour cet opus 2020, ainsi que l’adresse email les concernant afin de pouvoir contacter la bonne personne en cas de question. 


14 July 2019

Are you starting to prepare your stuff? 

Great ! Us too… 

 A small checklist to help you remember the essentials to bring with you. 


 Arrival on site

The event is a private event, reserved for members in order of contribution. Visitors are not allowed. Last entry on site by car: Thursday, July 18 at 15h. At 17:00 on the same day, all cars still on the gaming site will be evacuated to the parking area (but you are welcome to evacuate your car as soon as possible). 

 Site release / disassembly

On July 21st, at the Time OUT, once the... Voir plus

Creation, craft, art in all its splendor.

10 July 2019

Characters with certain skills can craft items with game effects from equipment to consumables. The description of each skill gives more details on the available fabrications (effect, cost, etc.). 

 How to create and use objects in Ragnarok? 

It's pretty simple. First, your idea grows in your head ... And there, the idea of ​​the century, the moment of grace, only a god can have the same inspiration. Suddenly, you go to your den to design and write on parchment / paper or engrave on the stone or weave like the Incas this wonderful idea. 

 Talking Time-Out 

You need to have a creative skill! Yes…. 

Ok, but which one?... Voir plus