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20 February 2020

The Grand Bazaar asked us to send you this new extract from Havre Vif's diary.

This extract deals with part of the adventures of the caravan that happened at sea.

 PS: If you have game objects in your possession (other than your personal possessions), please send an email to so that we can identify the objects in question.... Lire la suite

An extraordinary meeting

20 February 2020

We found an extract from the Havre Vif journal in our trunks and we thought it would be good to let you know about it. Maybe that will bring you some useful information.

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Dates for Ragnarok 2020

20 February 2020

The General Assembly has voted, we can now surely announce the dates for this year's event!

 Ragnarok 2020 will take place from Thursday 16th July to Sunday 19th July.

The game will start at the end of the day on the 16th. All practical information about date and time of arrival will be announced when the time comes.

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Who's who Organisation

20 February 2020

L’Assemblée Générale de Ragnarok a bien eu lieu ce mardi 15 octobre. Cette AG élective a permis la constitution de l’équipe de Ragnarok 2020. 

 Vous trouverez sur cette publication le trombinoscope reprenant les membres de l’organisation pour cet opus 2020, ainsi que l’adresse email les concernant afin de pouvoir contacter la bonne personne en cas de question. 

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14 July 2019

Are you starting to prepare your stuff? 

Great ! Us too… 

 A small checklist to help you remember the essentials to bring with you. 


 Arrival on site

The event is a private event, reserved for members in order of contribution. Visitors are not allowed. Last entry on site by car: Thursday, July 18 at 15h. At 17:00 on the same day, all cars still on the gaming site will be evacuated to the parking area (but you are welcome to evacuate your car as soon as possible). 

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Creation, craft, art in all its splendor.

10 July 2019

Characters with certain skills can craft items with game effects from equipment to consumables. The description of each skill gives more details on the available fabrications (effect, cost, etc.). 

 How to create and use objects in Ragnarok? 

It's pretty simple. First, your idea grows in your head ... And there, the idea of ​​the century, the moment of grace, only a god can have the same inspiration. Suddenly, you go to your den to design and write on parchment / paper or engrave on the stone or weave like the Incas this wonderful idea. 

 Talking Time-Out 

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Tips Guardians - Announcement "Zap"

22 June 2019

Announcement "ZAP" 

Annoucement Zap

Is ZAP a spell?

But who can use this ad? 

In order to physically and emotionally protect young participants of Ragnarok, there is an announcement that all adult participants can make about a child 

 As an adult you have a responsibility towards younger people. They participate like you in the event, but, they do not have your experience to know whether or not they are in the right place at the right time. The purpose of this announcement is to protect the youngest. 

For example, during a fight in the city or a fig... Lire la suite

Liste des artisans

23 May 2019

Au niveau des bars nous avons : 

  • La taverne des Hyènes 
  • Odin’s caravane
  • Le bar de la caravane du bon endroit 
  • Les amis de Leus chez les Berwette 

Au niveau nourriture : 

  • Le gril d’Ashram : assortiment de grillades, servies en pains frais, faciles à manger et à emporter 
  • La papille verte : cuisine responsable végétalienne avec des produits locaux, bio et de saison 
  • La bonne bouffe : offre des plats aussi divers que variés (uniquement sur réservation préalable, pas de vente à l'assiette) 
  • La route gourmande : pâtisseries et pains divers et variés 
  • Le Chaudron Nordique : tartines médiévales ou Tranchoirs sur pain artisanale et à base de différentes viandes et légumes de saison. 

Et au niveau artisanat : 

  • Etain Scelle : vente de bijou fait main 
  • L’encre et la perle : Tatouages éphémères et bijoux faits main en cuivre et étain martelés, perles semi-précieuses, cuir, cotte de maille/d'écaille, etc. 
  • Le Grand Bazarnaüm : objets, bijoux, vêtements et accessoires multivers, de récup' ou de création. 
  • L'Aiguille de Dame Hauclesse :... Lire la suite

Communication concerning chlidren

19 May 2019

Dear participants,

Due to different questions, we have decided that our politics concerning the status of children will change somewhat at Ragnarok

The earlier decisions taken this year came forth from different problems that happened during the previous event. The number of children signed in for Ragnarok to this day hasn't diminished from last year, so we are required to make a few changes so that it is enjoyable for everybody. Here are the changes that the organisation has made:

  • Children between 12 and 16 years have access to a character sheet.

  • Children between 12 and 16 years cannot partake in battles or skirmishes, they don't do any damage. When children are fighting it will be considered as play. This category of children doesn't have access to the battlefield nor the zones reserved for scenario, different activities will be organised for them.

  • Children between 12 and 16 years still have hitpoints and can receive injuries and die (e.g. falling in a trap).

Tips Guardians - Announcement "Fear"

18 May 2019

Dear participants,

The Rules-cell and the Guardians would like for you to partake in their knowledge to increase your satisfaction from playing the game.

We told ourselves the following: "We shall clarify the rules, by explaining the spirit of the game so that players can understand them better and play them out better, to increase their immersion in the gameworld."

How will we do this? 

We shall discuss the rules, each week until the event through a small 'tip': a rule or an effect that we would like to clarify or a suggestion on your side.

This week we will discuss the announcement: "Fear"

This week we will discuss the announcement: "Fear"

The best reaction to have is as follows: Am I immune through an object, a scroll or some other spell?

YES: answer with a smile: "Resist"

NO: put an expression of fear on your face, scream and run away from the caster.

And afterwards? For 3 minutes, (1 hourglass) your character will have this fear and he will not come within 10m of the caster.

Yes, but that is such a bother!
Take this time to do some roleplaying, look at it as an opportunity to rest after running away. You can have different reactions to enhance the atmosphere.

  • For example:
  • You refuse to return. A friend must reassure you.

  • Your character comes back but never takes his eyes of the caster and refuses to advance in his direction.

  • You splash water in your face and your trusted compagnon gives you a slap to increase your courage.

  • You run to the sorcerer of your caravan and demand a spell to give you courage.

  • You run to your bard and demand a war song that will inspire you and will allow you to fight without fear.

There is always a way to find some fun roleplaying to do when a situation reduces your game. This makes our PASSION so much fun and interesting and creates unforgettable moments.

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