General Assembly October 1

11 September 2022

Dear nomads,

Thank you for the emails you sent us to offer your help to the association!
We will contact you in September / October once the new AG is in place to arrange the coming year :)

Regarding the year in question, we are missing people to be part of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors of the association, in particular a treasurer, a crucial position for which we need someone.
The longer we are in the... Lire la suite

Ragnarok needs you!

16 August 2022

Dear Participants and Community Members,


Although the reduced team of organizers and all the volunteers are very proud to have succeeded, after two years of postponements, in organizing an event worthy of Ragnarok, it is not certain that the feat can be reiterated.

Indeed, these postponements having shifted everyone's agendas, within the organization, some will no longer have the necessary availability f... Lire la suite

Thank you all!

16 August 2022

Dear nomads,

Now that we have been able to take some time for ourselves and to rest, it is high time to thank you!

Thank you for participating in Ragnarok 2022! We hope you had a good time there, and thank you for your messages on the group!

Without naming names so as not to risk forgetting anyone, we would particularly like to thank the builders, the builders, those who came back to give one last helping hand i... Lire la suite

Last reminders

14 July 2022

Dear nomads,

Here is the time for the last reminders:

Time In Thursday, July 21 at 7 a.m.
You will get up in game, the goal is not to have to shout “Time In” in the plain at the risk of sometimes not being heard.

It will be hot, we are counting on you to hydrate yourself as much as possible, water points are available in several places on the site.

Nights on Tanak are known to be cold, plan your sleeping arrangements accordingly;)Lire la suite

We are on site

10 July 2022

Dear nomads,

We are starting the building this morning, so many emails may go unanswered.

There is a good chance that the answers will be found in everything we have already published, so we invite you to check the various posts on our Facebook page and browse our website

Reminder: Each caravan has an electrical connection provided to connect a small fridge and nothing else, no phone chargers or resistance (ket... Lire la suite


05 July 2022

Dear nomads,

Very important safety point.

On site during the event, you will notice several flags which have different meanings and which are important for you to know in advance in case something goes wrong.

In each district, near the fire point of the district, there is a mast on which hangs a red flag with a white flame drawn on it. This flag represents the fact that a fire extinguisher is located at the foo... Lire la suite


05 July 2022

Dear nomads,

Following a request from the red cross team, if you are an out-of-game doctor, can you contact us by email at

We would like to know, on a scale of 1 to 3 (1 being “completely ok” and 3 being “not at all ok”), if we can possibly call on you if necessary.

Lire la suite

End of online ticket sales

05 July 2022

Dear nomads,

We will close online ticket sales for Ragnarok on Sunday, July 10 at 8 p.m.

A large part of the team, including our IT team, will be on site shortly afterwards and we will therefore no longer be able to solve problems with the purchase of places. The same goes for exchanges and redemptions of places, don't forget to close this with us before this date! ;)

It will of course always be possible to pa... Lire la suite

Character sheet

02 July 2022

Reminder about character sheets for old players but also for new ones!

How's it going?
You print the blank version and fill it in yourself!
It can be found here, just below the rules:

Good day to all!

Lire la suite

Fire instructions

01 July 2022

Dear nomads,

Today we are reminding you of the instructions concerning the fires, braziers, etc. of the camps in order to refresh everyone's memory :)

You can find a pinterest table of the different types of braziers and basins authorized in Ragnarok (the list is not exhaustive, these are examples):

Concretely how is it going in Ragnarok?
In each district is install... Lire la suite

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