Registration builders

26 January 2022

Dear nomads,

This year again, Ragnarok is looking for builders for the new opus.
Against the completion of 5 days of assembly OR 4 days of dismantling, you obtain your free place for the event.

The building dates are as follows from 07/15/2022 to 07/20/2022
The dates of the debate are as follows from 24/07/2022 to 28/07/2022

Interested? Fill out the following form!

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Precisions about website

19 January 2022

Dear children of Tanak,

A few details about the accounts on the website:

  • each person over the age of 16 has their own account on the site and can buy a ticket from this account to participate in the event
  • children under 16 are added to the accounts of one of their parents or their responsible person and it is this person who takes the ticket for the child concerned

When a child reaches the age of 16, he can create his own account on the site and... Lire la suite

NPC Casting open

09 January 2022

Dear children of Tanak,

The PNJ casting for Ragnarok 2022 is open!

Do you want to try the NPC adventure in Ragnarok? Fill out our casting form, we will review your application and see if a role from our list suits you!

Here is the link to the form: See the form

Have a good week!

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Ragnarok 2022

09 January 2022

Dear children of Tanak,

We will meet again from July 21 to 24, 2022 for this year's opus! 😃

Small information, Time In will start on Thursday when you wake up 😉 (you will wake up in Time In). Practical information on arrival times and days will be communicated to you in due course. 😉

Have a good week!

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Opening of registrations

06 January 2022

Dear children of Tanak,

We announce the opening of registrations for Sunday February 6, 2022 at noon!

We sincerely hope that we do not have to cancel this event again. At this time, we do not yet know what measures will apply this summer, so we are unable to tell you whether or not you will need a Covid Safe Ticket to participate in Ragnarok.
We keep abreast of decisions made as they arise and we will keep you informed!

This year again, the prices rem... Lire la suite

Deadline Caravans 2022

11 September 2021

Dear children of Tanak,

Want to create a new trailer for Ragnarok?

It's entirely possible!
The deadline for doing this is March 31, 2022, to allow time for our Universe and Scenario team to process requests well in advance for the July event.

All the information for the proposal of a new caravan is on this page:

Caravans registered and validated in previous years do not... Lire la suite

Craftsmen registrations

28 December 2021

Craftsmen registrations are open!
Are you a craftsman and want to participate in Ragnarok 2022?

Send us an email at 😃

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New General Assembly for Ragnarok

11 September 2021

Dear children of Tanak,

We take the same and start again!

Following the elective General Assembly on September 4, the 2021-2022 team was elected.

Faced with the lack of new nominations, everyone piled up for another year.
If you are thinking of joining the organizational team in the future, don't hesitate any longer and join us!

We still have places for the October 2 tavern if you haven't taken you... Lire la suite

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