Player Aid - Mossem Context

02 June 2022

Dear nomads,

After all this logistical information, here is some information on the context of the Mossem, it will refresh your memory or teach you things.

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Important information about registrations

02 June 2022

Dear Nomads

We have heard the sad news regarding our fellow Avatar organizers and the cancellation of their event. We are very saddened by this news and we send them all our support because after the Covid we all know how much it weighs on a team to have to cancel its event. :'(
We wish them to keep their motivation to be able to organize a great event next year! :)

We suspect that some would still like to participate in a LARP this summer and may want to register for Ragnarok. We advise you to read our note of intentLire la suite

Search for builders

18 May 2022

Dear nomads,

We are still looking for builders for this summer's event! 🔍

If you complete 5 days of assembly OR 4 days of dismantling, you obtain your free place for the event.   💶

The building dates are as follows from 07/15/2022 to 07/20/2022
The dates of the debate are as follows from 24/07/2022 to 28/07/2022

Interested? Fill out the following form!

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Entertainment for children

19 May 2022

Dear nomads and more particularly dear nomad parents,

Glory to the Crystal Prophet! Your little ones will not be left out for this opus!

Kaernunos animations will manage the animation of the youngest on Tanak this summer, replacing Imagimonde. We are very happy to collaborate with them for this adventure.

They will be able to accommodate 40 children at the price of €60 (reduction for large families and solidarity PAF possible on request).

How to register your offspring? It's ver... Lire la suite

Reminder: list of tents

16 May 2022

Dear nomads,

Currently only some caravans have returned their tent listings to us, here they are:

  • Les hommes du Nordi
  • La Confédération des Grandes Terres
  • La Compagnie des Lambeaux
  • Le Tribunal
  • La Grande Collection
  • Pierrefendre
  • La compagnie de Chair et de Sang
  • Les Six faces
  • Lupi Viperae
  • La Cure
  • La Bancanova
  • les Chakuzas
  • Le Foirail Toqué
  • La Manticore
  • Fort Rhum
  • les Berwet Angels
  • Reisenbach Weiler
  • Les Ecumeurs des Abysses
  • les Wuo Long

Thank you for sending us the info!

We have yet to hear from any caravans that participated in Ragnarok previously but did not show up:

  • La Compagnie Lacrima
  • la Pravda
  • L’Oeil Bienveillant
  • Le Cercle d’Osef
  • Les Grands Trouvés
  • La Caravane du Crapaud
  • La clique du Cirque
  • les Kaidu KenLire la suite

Keeper tips: Zap

19 January 2022

Dear Nomads,

Here is a reminder regarding the Zap announcement.
A simple announcement but not always well understood, this is an opportunity to remind the youngest as well :)

If you have doubts, do not hesitate to contact us!

Good week!

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Keeper tips: Useful details

24 January 2022

Dear Nomads,

This week, the keeper tips remind you of some useful principles for the game in general :)
If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us!

Good week!

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Registration for the inter event on March 6

26 February 2022

Dear nomads,

Here is the detailed information about the TI interevent of April 9-10 :)

In terms of price, nothing changes compared to the tavern last October. But we're going to a Time In event to get in shape before July!

And how does it work in practice?
⛺️The tavern will take place at the Chevêche Farm, Rue Neuve Maison 20, 5070 Sart-Saint-Laurent
📆It starts on Saturday April 9 at 2 p.m. until Sunday 10 around noon
💶 T... Lire la suite

Monster Recruitment

06 February 2022

Dear nomads,

The Ragnarok Monsters Team is recruiting!
Do you want to discover LARP but you don't know how to get started?
Are you a beginner or a seasoned player and you want to experiment behind the scenes while enjoying the game and without worrying about the death of your character?
Join the monster team at Ragnarok this summer from July 21 to 24 in Brisy!

We offer you the possibility of embodying a variety of roles during the game: merchants, bandits, warriors, creatures and many others, all supervised by the monster team.

As embodying a monster is a way to help the organi... Lire la suite

Save the date: April 9-10

11 February 2022

Dear nomads,

Block the weekend of April 9 and 10 in your diaries now, we will meet for a Time In event!

Have a good week!

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