Timeline arrivals on site

22 June 2023

Dear nomads,

Here are details about the days and times of arrival on site!

Monday July 17: craftsmen can arrive from noon. Electricity guaranteed from Tuesday 18 at noon.

Tuesday, July 18: Players/monsters/PNJs can arrive from 10 a.m.

Don't forget to have your ticket handy when you arrive so that your check-in goes as smoothly as possible ;)

Start of TI Thursday, July 20 on waking (8 a.m.)
End of the gam... Lire la suite

Deadline implementation and closure of craftsmen registrations

03 May 2023

Dear nomads,

To date, here is the list of caravans that have returned their list of tents:

Reisenbach Weiler
La Manticore 
La Compagnie des Lambeaux
Union jacobite
Les 6 faces 
La Bancanova 
La Compagnie Lacrima
Lupi Viperae 
Fort rhum 
Les hommes du Nordi
La Pravda 
La Cure 
Le Foirail Toqué
La Confédération des Grandes Terres
La Croisée 
Les Encensés 
Aka ukalar

Thank you for sending us your list!

It is very important for us to get the info of the number of tents of each caravan so that we can m... Lire la suite

Last summary for the interevent

17 April 2023

Dear nomads,

Here is a final summary of information about this Saturday's intervention 🙂

Location: Ferme de la Chevêche, rue Neuve Maison 19, 5070 Fosses-la-Ville (map for the car park in photo)
Time: Arrival possible from noon, start of the game at 2 p.m.

Drink cards on sale on site at the price of €5 per card. We accept payments in cash, QR code or card 🙂

Do not forget your goblet/mug/glass t... Lire la suite

Call for Volunteers

17 April 2023

 People of Tanak, Ragnarok needs you!

To make your summer event go as smoothly as possible, Ragnarok is looking for volunteers. Shadow figures essential to the event, volunteers perform the various tasks that make your weekend more enjoyable. It is in particular thanks to them that the streets of the Mossem are at the cutting edge of technology in terms of candle lighting, that you can serenely park your motor carts, they are the... Lire la suite

Registration builders

29 March 2023

Dear nomads,

This year again, Ragnarok is looking for builders for the new opus.

Against the completion of 5 days of assembly OR 4 days of dismantling, you obtain your free place for the event. You take your ticket normally and if you have met the conditions, we will refund your place :)

What does it consist of? We need help setting up tents, crafting scenery and various useful in-game structures, decorating play areas, etc. And for dismantling, we need help to store everything in the containers on site.

The building dates are as follows from 14/07/2022 to 19/07/2022
The dates of the debate are as follo... Lire la suite

NPC Casting open

16 March 2023

Dear nomads,

NPC casting for Ragnarok 2023 is open!

Do you want to try the NPC adventure in Ragnarok? Fill out our casting form, we will study your application and see if we can offer you a role :D

Attention, we are talking here about permanent NPC roles, which will be played all weekend, it is different from a monster which will play several roles over the weekend;)

Here is the link to the form

... Lire la suite

Structural projects 2023

28 February 2023

Dear nomads,

You are Contact Caravane and your group has a structural project for the upcoming event?
Fill out this form so that your project is validated by the Logistics crew! :)

Boats are also structures ;)

You are not Caravan Contact? Tag yours or send him this post ;)

Thank you all and... Lire la suite

Participant registrations

28 February 2023

Dear nomads,

Here is the detailed information about the TI interevent of April 22-23 :)

The speaker will be Time In.

And how does it work in practice?
⛺️It will take place at the Chevêche Farm, Rue Neuve Maison 20, 5070 Sart-Saint-Laurent
📆It starts on Saturday April 22 at 2 p.m. until Sunday April 23 around noon
💶 The price: 10€ which includes site rental and pitching your tent in the field.

🍻 Regarding drin... Lire la suite

Artisan registrations

10 February 2023

Dear artisans and dear nomads,

Already participated in Ragnarok and want to return?
Want to participate in Ragnarok as a crafter for the first time?

Artisan registrations are open!

Please note, this only happens by email at

You are a player and you want to have a stewardship with an electric point? Also send an email to!

See you soon

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Entertainment for children

14 February 2023

Dear nomadic parents,

Our partnership with Kaernunos animations resumes this year! They will be there to animate the little nomads during the day;)

Want to enroll your children? It's this way: Form

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