Ragnarok needs you!

16 August 2022

Dear Participants and Community Members,


Although the reduced team of organizers and all the volunteers are very proud to have succeeded, after two years of postponements, in organizing an event worthy of Ragnarok, it is not certain that the feat can be reiterated.

Indeed, these postponements having shifted everyone's agendas, within the organization, some will no longer have the necessary availability for the organization. While some were already wearing several (too many) different hats, the same person being responsible for up to 3 cells, we desperately need reinforcements in many areas.

It is purely and simply a matter of the survival of the world of Tanak and even that of the ASBL. The problem being “simply” the amount of work exceeding the reasonable number of people available to distribute the work. A few responsible and serious volunteers would be enough to save Ragnarok.

All members of the organization have always been players who, one day, made sacrifices and took responsibility to provide play for others, as others had done for them. Join this virtuous circle and come and participate in the organization!
Whether it is as a cell member, simply by showing yourself willing to lend a hand in the area of ​​your choice, or simply by joining the GA and becoming a cell leader.

There is a need for all types of talent, but there is a need now (example of needs: scriptwriting, volunteer management, craftsman management, translations, logistical support, cash management, etc.).

Are you in? Send us an email at explaining how you want to get involved!

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