Geopolitical Context

Year 499 of the calendar marked with year zero by the flight of the false gods

Led by the philosophy of the Crystal Prophet, the Golden Empire, once from the South, dominates the continent of Tanak.

The Golden Empire is at peace with the Vampire Lords who have always ruled Malkovia in the North West, the only point of disagreement between the two victorious powers of the great war being freedom of worship. Indeed the Golden Empire neither recognizes nor tolerates any religion other than that of the Crystal Prophet, while the people of Malkovia still venerate their ancient Gods, the very ones whose disappearance year zero of the calendar marks.

The North, too costly to civilize, is left fallow by the two neighboring powers, often nomadic clans and tribes live there, who are as wary of young vampires who come to cut their teeth on their territory as of the troops of the Empire. traveling who do not hesitate to extirpate a tax from them.

To the east, beyond the Mud Mountains, the troops of the Golden Empire are encamped at the foot of the immense Dead Mountains, from the top of which the Gray Crown, the oldest nation of Tanak, seems to impose the respect. Although you never see anything or anyone descend from the heights, the Empire knows the old nation too well to take your eyes off its frontier.

There still remains, in the West, an enclave defended by the force of despair which claims to be what the Teuts Empire once was, what remains of its people works only to feed its soldiers and the Teuts culture, although she survived the fall of her empire, only exists in this corner of the world that everyone avoids since it is eaten away by an endless front where guerrillas rage on the roads.

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