14 July 2019

Are you starting to prepare your stuff? 

Great ! Us too… 

 A small checklist to help you remember the essentials to bring with you. 


 Arrival on site

The event is a private event, reserved for members in order of contribution. Visitors are not allowed. Last entry on site by car: Thursday, July 18 at 15h. At 17:00 on the same day, all cars still on the gaming site will be evacuated to the parking area (but you are welcome to evacuate your car as soon as possible). 

 Site release / disassembly

On July 21st, at the Time OUT, once the caravan area is packaged AND the soil is cleaned (butts, small garbage, papers removed ...), your ROQ will put a stamp on the hands to allow to pick them up. cars and the exit of the site. Thank you for being caring with the volunteers at the parking who will verify this. 

 Of course, the community of organizers and volunteers would be happy if you gave them a hand for an hour to dismount before leaving. The ROQ (Referent orga Neighborhood) can guide you to the tasks to be performed. 


Attention, no 3 / 4G on the spot! 


Remember, the Time IN tent is mandatory, there will be no camping TO. Think of your bed and bring warm blankets, it quails at night! If your sleep is sensitive ... earplugs are a must. 


Your costume will visually support your character, take special care. Light and covering clothes for the day (up to 39.5 ° C a year). Hot diapers to be stacked for the night (10 ° C is common). 


Ecological and biodegradable products: you are on an organic farming ground, you must respect it!

Eating and drinking

Cutlery and plate and cup Time In (for immersion, of course, but also to avoid waste disposable tableware). EUR 1 deposit for reusable cups: EUR 1 against 1 token (and vice versa): at Etendard (where tickets are also sold). 1 chip against 1 cup (and vice versa) in any bar. 


An emergency medical service is provided on site. However, it is up to you to plan your own pharmacy: in addition to the essential sunscreen, anti-pain, anti-histamine, anti-emetic, anti-diarrheal, anti-mosquito ointment, anti-itch and anti-sunburn , pomade against strains and earplugs can be useful! 


Have enough cash for the 5 days of camp. The expenses to eat and drink can make you already spend 100 EUR easily ... And many craftsmen will also propose you equipment!

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