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Do you have questions about the new cycle? You want to create a caravan but you still have questions? On this page you will find most of the answers to the most frequently asked questions. This page will expand over time depending on the different issues we face.

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What is a caravan ?

A caravan is a consolidated group of 20 to 60 characters who, during the year, travel together on the roads of Tanak and gather at the event. It is characterized by a name, a history… even colors or a coat of arms.

Each caravan must have an official purpose known to all. It could be a mountebank company, a mercenary troop, a group of builder companions, street vendors… or whatever, be creative!

Each caravan must have a Caravan’s contact who will submit the background and be the direct point of contact with the organization.

Each caravan will have its own camp site within a thematic neighborhood within a thematic area of the rally.

What if I don’t have twenty people ?

You will have several options :

  • If, for example, you are ten and have an explorer-cartographers concept. You share the idea on Ragnarok’s Facebook group and draw the attention of a groupe of twelve intercity messengers. You meet each other around a beer and voila, you are now 22 explorer-postmen. Submit a common background.
  • You follow the publication of existing caravans and spot one that match exactly what you would like to play. You adapt a little bit your own character idea and contact this caravan to propose yourself.
  • You are (a) refugee(s), no need to worry about caravans yet. You come to the event with your character and the organization will provide a short background about the city you’re coming from. It’s up to you during the event, to show your value and get engaged by a caravan during Time In. Remember that the same character can’t be a refugee two years in a row.

What’s the duty of a Caravan’s Contact?

The Caravan’s Contact (CC) is a player who accepts to be the exclusive focal point of all communication between the organization and his caravan. He is the one who will have to fill in the form, submit the background along with the list of players in the caravans (Time Out name), communicate on the installation requests.... It’s also his responsibility to ensure that all characters created in the caravan are really in line with the caravan and Ragnarok’s universe.

What’s a ROQ?

The “Responsables Orga de Quartier” (ROQ) are part of the organization team and are in charge of the coordination of a themed area of the gathering. Each themed area, will accommodate several caravans. They are available to guide you when arriving on site and are the direct contact point with organization if needed. All the ROQs are themselves under the responsibility of a coordinator: the CROQ.

The characters

Can I play my character from the first cycle again ?

NO. All participant are required to embody new characters less than 72 years old. Nobody can play an old character. In addition, all characters that will live within Ragnarok will have to be original characters. That is to say, characters specially and exclusively created to live in Ragnarok’s game universe.

Can I play an undead ?

Yes. You can play a common undead, but not a special creature like a vampire or a lich… Specifically, your character will never start the game with special abilities other than what is allowed by the game rules. Don’t try to invent some, that’s cheating. Consider also the following information:

  • You’re part of the Golden Empire : great… but you may be considered with suspicion.
  • You stand against the Golden Empire : in that case, don’t forget that it has been observed in the past that the sorcerers of the Golden Empire were able to take control of the undead. You’ve been warned.

Can I play an elf ?

Yes, but… It’s not forbidden to create an elf character, but you should be aware of what this choice implies. The whole race having been declared void by the Golden Empire, you will be a fugitive by default. You will be hunted by the troops of the Golden Empire and could be denounced by anyone. Do not act surprised when it happens to you. Also, if you die, you cannot recreate an elf character during the game.

Will players who choose to be a Golden Empire character get advantages from the organization?

Of course not! Deciding to play citizens of the Golden Empire will be an advantage in some circumstances and a disadvantage in others. The organization creates the game for the amusement of all and only has a preference for groups that bring quality roleplay and show respect for the rules.

If I play a member of the Golden Empire, everybody will think I’m a bad person?

No. This is a role playing game, your character is not yourself and nobody should make this amalgam. You can be a very kind person and challenge yourself in playing a very bad guy. This is roleplay, it’s the point.

What’s a Pass?

It’s a Time In item, that any caravan need to possess to be allowed to wander the roads freely during the year. They are delivered by the Golden Empire administration, but there are some alternative ways to get one. Every validated caravans will get an end-of-validity pass to start the game.

What’s a caravan register?

It is a Time In item that any caravan must hold and be able to present during a possible control by the authorities. It is supposed to contain the list of members of the caravan, the logbook of the caravan, the stamps justifying participation in a caravan meeting etc…

What’s a refugee?

Any character who’s not integrated into a caravan before the beginning of the event is a refugee. Refugees create their own character (race, skills, etc…) but receive a common origin provided by the organization (for example the city you’re coming from which was devastated by a terrible epidemic) All refugees will camp in the same area.

Can a character remain as a refugee on the long term?

No. The same character can’t be a refugee two years in a row. Therefore, he has the whole event and the following year (inter-events) to find a caravan. If a player wishes to return as refugee the following year, he will create a new character from a different location close to where the new rally is taking place.

Same applies for groups of refugees of less than 15 people with a validated background (caravan in becoming or having lost members). They have the event and the year to find an additional 5 people to build a full caravan. If they can not do it, the groupe will not be able to survive.