Interevent 2023

Interevent 2023

Du 22 April 2023 au 23 April 2023 - Déjà 92 inscrits

Beyond the Hard Country and before the Old Forest, the last inn before the steppes, “La Kravash”, welcomes more people than usual.

We hadn't seen so many nomads rushing to the Wilderness in a long time. For them it's time to breathe, finally out of reach of imperial troops which we feared would make an example of the first caravan on which they would have got their hands. We know, however, that we are leaving one evil for another because the locals are full of warnings about the state of the Wild Lands, which would bear their name better than ever. But in view of the news that is exchanged about the conflicts that seem to abound on other borders of the Golden Empire, we are reassured to avoid at least that. We just hope that initially after this final stop, each caravan will have found one of the faeries supposed to guide them to the meeting place as promised by Cyan and Fuschia.

In this inn far from everything, we know that we will not have to fear attacks, already outside the Empire and not yet on the territories of the clans, it is the ideal opportunity to lighten our purse and to serenely fill one's stomach with friends.
And then we tell ourselves that it's always that that they can't steal from us later.
So we toast to life on the road and to your good health!

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