Your caravan

Illustration de caravane

Dear friends,

The time has come for you to submit your caravan projects for our second cycle. We hope to make the process as easy as possible with simple, clear and complete information.

We expect to get a fairly large amount of projects and we want to treat them all with the same attention. Therefore, we will be uncompromising on the documents’ canvas provided and required information because we cannot afford to spend time sorting and understanding wild formats. Thank you in advance and have fun!

What is a caravan ?

A caravan is a consolidated group of 20 to 60 characters who, during the year, travel together on the roads of Tanak and gather at the event. It is characterized by a name, a history… even colors or a coat of arms.

Each caravan must have an official purpose known to all. It could be a mountebank company, a mercenary troop, a group of builder companions, street vendors… or whatever, be creative.

Each caravan must have a Caravan’s contact who will submit the background and be the direct point of contact with the organization.

Each caravan will have its own camp site within a thematic neighborhood within a thematic area of the rally.

How to submit your caravan project?

You can submit a background proposal as soon as you have at least 15 members in your caravan. By doing it however, you commit to reach the minimum threshold of 20 people before the event.

  • Step 1: Read the Time In texts and the FAQ!
  • Step 2: Fill in the Google form found here:
  • Step 3: Join to the form a background summary of maximum 5 pages, written in Arial 11pts.
  • Step 4: If you are absolutely sure that the answer to a question you have is not part of the FAQ, you can can comment on the FAQ or like the question posted by somebody else.
  • Step 5: Be patient, the organization will come back to you as soon as possible

Do not hesitate to keep at hand a more complete version of your BG, which can be discussed with the organization later if necessary.

Important information in the 5 pages background:

  • General vision and look description.
  • Organization of the caravan: hierarchy, decision making process…
  • Succinct history from caravan creation date until today.
  • Attitude toward the Golden Empire, its money, Elves, Undeads…

Rules of good practice

Keep in mind that Ragnarok is a handcrafted universe that exists independently of the characters that you will embody. We expect the participant to adapt to this world. Not everything is possible in the world of Ragnarok.

So, don’t invent new rules or concepts outside of the proposed framework. It will be refused to protect the global game consistency.

In the same way, do not import as is any concepts from other games or universes. Work on them to integrate specific elements from Ragnarok. If you have an idea that may not be compatible, report it and leave it in suspense. We can help you fill in the blanks according to Tanak Universe.

Privilege “simple” and “local” background stories. To be avoided: divine interventions, objects with incredible properties, existence of new continents, possession of territories, stories spread over centuries… Think about your caravan, the people who are part of it, how the live on a daily basis, its organization and operation mode…

Keep in mind that all participants must embody new characters. However, groups from the previous game cycle may still exist but with changes that reflects elapsed time and difficult transmission. You can also use what you know of ancient nations to create your caravan’s background.