Keeper Tips: Useful details

What to do if you accidentally forgot a rule point?

“During a battle José is the victim of the spell of Fear, but he forgot what he had to do”

In the moment it is hard to react, José can possibly discreetly ask the person next to him “what is Fear? I forgot…”, but if he does not find the answer very quickly he can simply choose to collapse unconscious, this is not the effect desired by the opposing Weaver but it is better than nothing.

After the battle Jose must,

  • either go find a Guardian to remind him of the effect
  • either go to the banner to consult the rule book
  • either refer in his tent to the "Player's Guide" which will have been provided to him at the entrance and which contains a summary of the announcements.


The rules are a game support and therefore if you do not know them you will not be able to react/interact correctly with the Universe of Tanak.

By not reacting correctly to the announcement "Fear" launched during the battle, not only could José not have the adequate reaction, but in addition the Weaver who cast this spell on him could not see the right reaction from him. of José which can be very frustrating.

Tell yourself that you learn the Rules of Ragnarok not only for yourself but also for others, the basis of our passion is Fair Play and this also requires knowledge of the Rules.

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