Guardian Tips: ZAP

Is ZAP a spell?


But who can use this ad?

In order to physically and emotionally protect young participants of Ragnarok, there is an announcement that all adult participants can use on a child.

As an adult, you have a responsibility towards younger people. They participate like you in the event, but they do not have your experience to know whether or not they are in the right place at the right time. The purpose of this announcement is therefore to protect the youngest.

For example: during a fight in town or a fight, young people must not find themselves in the middle of adults for your safety and theirs. We wouldn't want to have to help up a man in armor who just fell on a youngster. ;)


The RP side

Situation: I see that the street is starting to fill up with people and that other warriors are coming in front and want to do battle. At the same time young people are next to me playing with these friends.

I am a warrior: I turn towards the young people and with a "mean" look, I announce to them. "Are you going to hide goblins..."

I am a magician: With a loud intonation, I announce to them. "Young adventurers, the time has come for you to disappear..."

I am a scholar: I look at them and announce them. “The bell has rung, it seems to me that it is time to go do an apprenticeship…”

A second later (as you have caught their attention) you announce "ZAP".

What if they don't know the ZAP ad?

You take it upon yourself to either entrust them to a nearby guardian, or if there is none, you take the time to put them in safety, you will come back to the fight running. Safety is, remember, your priority in these cases.

The “ZAP” Zone

There is a way to put your caravan or part of it in a “ZAP Zone”, a visible “ZAP Zone” sign must be clearly visible at the entrance to the caravan or zone. Clearly delimited, this area is inaccessible to children. (It must be validated by a guardian).

And the adults in all this? It is therefore essential to explain to the children the particularities of this announcement and these zones and how they must react to them, before the start of the TI.

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