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01 February 2023

Dear nomads,

First of all, thank you for your feedback on the call for help that we launched some time ago. Many of you have offered us help according to your desires and means in various aspects of the organization and it is good to see that the community of participants is always full of talent and motivation.

This welcome reinforcement of volunteers will allow us to organize the next big event with the magnitude it deserves since it is intended to be the conclusion of a narrative arc.

Indeed the current members of the GA are considering a redesign following this opus, it is therefore imperative, and planned for a long time, that it contains the elements necessary for a possible conclusion of this cycle turned around the Mossem under the domination of the Golden Empire.

In recent years, the volunteers of the team have devoted a great deal of time and energy to continuing the spectacular enterprise of their predecessors as well as possible. But today, rather than letting go of the comfort of habits, it seems more relevant and more motivating to us to consider a renewal based on feedback from the community and the driving desires of the organization. In our eyes, it is important to be open to new horizons of play within the universe of Tanak, leaving room for sequel, ideas, new mechanics, new rules and even new dynamics within from the community.

But it will also and above all depend on you! Ragnarok belongs to its community and there is no question for us of taking the ASBL and the form of the game hostage in the name of the desires and inspirations of its current members.

On the contrary, we hope that during his years in the service of the GN, we have earned your trust enough to make you curious and enthusiastic, always leaving room for you at the table of responsibilities to decide otherwise.

For the motivated, take note that at the end of this elective year of the GA, after the next event, applications will be open as every year to those who want to get involved. It is important to us that everything remains possible and that it is the members of the community taking responsibility who decide the path to take.

Ragnarok will always remain a large-scale, immersive LARP, with its coherent and accessible universe at heart for motivated and talented participants who form a splendid community around the same passion.

And we always hope to find many of us there around a fire with stories that are worth telling!

In the meantime stay tuned for this next installment and sharpen your blades and wits so you are ready to decide the fate of Mossem and perhaps even the world of Tanak.

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