Report of the rally

26th day of Magnus 499

Vif-Haven Caravan

Tristan Vidal de la Blache's story, written down by Patte-de-Mouche

What a year...

For fifteen years I travel with the Grand Bazaar's caravan, the new year's gathering has been quite chaotic this year.

Let me tell you... First, we didn't know the land on which we had settled were controlled by a gang of bandits lead by an ogre self proclaimed « Vizir ». Irritated by the destruction of the nearby harvest fields as a result of the many collectors present at the gathering, these brigands took up arms and severely punctured the funds of all present caravans. Each one had prefered grovel than fight, ours included.

Then, within the gathering itself many dissension had emerged between different caravans. What were supposed to be five days of feast turned into a gigantic rat race. Theft, murder, even rebellion !

Rebellion, do you imagine ! Some have thought they could make the the Golden Empire fall by insurrecting, as if a handful of us could have an influence of the lives of the great of this world...

The climax, if I can call it that way, happened the last day of the year. A group of insurgents made a massive bomb explode in the middle of the arena, igniting many camps and killing outright multiple Empire officials.

By the time the imperial plenipotentiaries learn of it heads will fall off. To choose, we would prefer it not to be ours...

This is why the caravan’s head choose, rightly if you ask me, that the Grand Bazaar should make itself forget by the Empire's authorities.

We therefore head toward Air, as to put a maximum of distance between us and the territories of the former Serenissima. The parley between the caravans captains had set our wheels toward the lands of the vampire lords, but I believe the captain plan to cross the border. I think he is waiting for a missive from the local Prince to announce it to us but we are almost already all aware.

In the meanwhile, given the low value of the deads in the eyes of the imperials, we pray every day that the authorities do not put too much effort finding us...