Ragnarok 2024 - Balance is a fragile peace

Ragnarok 2024 - Balance is a fragile peace

Du 18 July 2024 au 21 July 2024 - Déjà 1214 inscrits

While the location of the great annual stopover is spread throughout Tanak, pilgrims converge en masse towards the center of the continent, at the ends of the Ghestalt territories. It is therefore with the Montagne de Bourbe on the horizon that the sanctified Nomad City will settle down to celebrate the new year, adorning itself in its most beautiful finery to welcome the people coming from all regions to pay their respects to the Tree of Life.

If the time will be for the celebration of life and renewal, everyone also knows that this new balance, which tends to emerge through the forces that are revealed, is still fragile. Indeed, within the old nations regaining their power, as among the smallest emerging communities, everyone is agitated and worried. What place will it have in this new world whose territorial contours are still far from being defined?

But one thing is certain, it is around the Tree sharing its powers with the altars of life and before the exceptional Senate gathered that it will be possible to claim its status, to settle disputes, to present grievances and to forge together the future of Tanak.

Let all those ready to make themselves known and recognized come forward!

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