We are on site

12 July 2023

Dear nomads,

We are starting the building this morning, so many emails may go unanswered.

There is a good chance that the answers will be found in everything we have already published, so we invite you to check the various posts on our Facebook page, browse our site and possibly do a search in the Facebook group Ragnarok!

We will try to give you updates about the field based on the weather.

See yo... Lire la suite

Character sheet

09 July 2024

Dear children of Tanak,

You can find the character sheet available for download on our site in the Rules tab!

As you will see, this sheet is very simplistic. Take it as a tool, a support, for your character ;)

See you soon!!

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Rules update

04 July 2024

Dear children of Tanak,

You expected it (or not) but here is the latest version of the rules! 

After numerous discussions with certain participants and with the scenario team, we proceeded with a new update of the rules.

  • What has changed:
    removal of the acrobat archetype
    This archetype was the subject of hours of discussion but caused more problems than it solved, so we had to remove it
  • modification and additions to the learning paragraph
  • ... Lire la suite

We need builders

30 June 2024

Dear children of Tanak,

The event is fast approaching, and we clearly don't have enough builders to help us clean up after the event. 

What are the conditions? If you help us with the dismantling, we will refund your place at the event.
We will need hands to dismantle the tents and structures and put away the containers.

The dates of the debate are as follows from 07/22/2023 to 07/26/2023
We count on you!

Interested? Fill out the following form!
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All in good time

20 June 2024

Notice to the gaming community,

Through our interactions with your groups as well as on the FB pages, we regularly see the desire to set up an IT “pre-game”. Here are some clarifications that seem useful to us both from the point of view of the universe and that of the game.

If three years have passed and, of course, during this interval the lives of your groups and characters have not gone into Time Freeze, the reality of Tanak... Lire la suite

Timeline arrivals on site

09 June 2024

Dear nomads,

Here are details about the days and times of arrival on site!

Monday July 15: craftsmen can arrive from noon. Electricity guaranteed from Tuesday 16 at noon.

Tuesday, July 16: Players/monsters/PNJs can arrive from 10 a.m.

Don't forget to have your ticket handy when you arrive so that your check-in goes as smoothly as possible ;)

Start of TI Thursday, July 18 on waking (8 a.m.)
End of the gam... Lire la suite

What are we eating?

17 May 2024

Dear children of Tanak,

We have listed for you the stewardships and artisans who will offer food at Ragnarok, whether in packs for the entire weekend or as single meals.

We hope this helps you ;)

For registrations, contact those interested directly 😀

For packs or snacks on demand:
Auberge Die Nachtspeere (vegan option possible)
Pack: 85€
To register:

A little taste of history
Stewardship inspired by historic recipes
Pack: 95€
To register: Lire la suite

Distribution in the camps

02 May 2024

Player friends,

The time has come for groups who have not yet come forward to the scenario unit to do so. We expect your group BackGround no later than Sunday 12/05. It must include:

  • Name of the group
  • Origin
  • Contact scenario
  • number of PCs

After this period, the organization cannot guarantee any specific interaction and reserves the right to make unilateral changes if something does not fit in with... Lire la suite

Builders registration

02 May 2024

Builders registration

Dear children of Tanak,

This year again, Ragnarok is looking for builders for its event.
For completing 5 days of assembly OR 4 days of dismantling, you get your place for the event free of charge. You take your ticket normally and if you have met the conditions, we will refund your place :)

What does this consist of? We need help setting up tents, making scenery and various useful in-game structures, decorating play areas, etc. And for dismantling, we need help to store everything in the containers on site.

The construction dates are as follows from 07/12/202... Lire la suite

Logistics information

17 April 2024

Dear children of Tanak,

You will find in the document that we are sharing with you today a whole series of information concerning the logistics for this event.

Some information is already known to our regular participants and new ones are emerging, particularly regarding generators.

Do not hesitate to read this information carefully 🙂 Lire la suite

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