Caravan logs

09 oktober 2020

Deer nomads, 

As you already know, in the eyes of the Golden Empire, no caravan is worthy of that name without its log in order. With mention of course of the crew members list, its specialisation and the contents of its stock duly declared. But for the nomads it’s specially important to have the soul of the caravan in it, for example, the tale of its last Mossem, narrating the gains and loss of the caravan, maybe even life moments of its members on the road. Who knows, one of thoses tales could become the next Havre-vif publication !

Send your caravan log at:

Adding to it some more TO info, for example the presence of some special creature or elves (it is important so we can meet the specific expectation of the players), don't hesitate to come towards us with the game’s aspect who interests your caravan and its crew the most.

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