Tips Guardians - Announcement "Fear"

18 May 2019

Dear participants,

The Rules-cell and the Guardians would like for you to partake in their knowledge to increase your satisfaction from playing the game.

We told ourselves the following: "We shall clarify the rules, by explaining the spirit of the game so that players can understand them better and play them out better, to increase their immersion in the gameworld."

How will we do this? 

We shall discuss the rules, each week until the event through a small 'tip': a rule or an effect that we would like to clarify or a suggestion on your side.

This week we will discuss the announcement: "Fear"

This week we will discuss the announcement: "Fear"

The best reaction to have is as follows: Am I immune through an object, a scroll or some other spell?

YES: answer with a smile: "Resist"

NO: put an expression of fear on your face, scream and run away from the caster.

And afterwards? For 3 minutes, (1 hourglass) your character will have this fear and he will not come within 10m of the caster.

Yes, but that is such a bother!
Take this time to do some roleplaying, look at it as an opportunity to rest after running away. You can have different reactions to enhance the atmosphere.

  • For example:
  • You refuse to return. A friend must reassure you.

  • Your character comes back but never takes his eyes of the caster and refuses to advance in his direction.

  • You splash water in your face and your trusted compagnon gives you a slap to increase your courage.

  • You run to the sorcerer of your caravan and demand a spell to give you courage.

  • You run to your bard and demand a war song that will inspire you and will allow you to fight without fear.

There is always a way to find some fun roleplaying to do when a situation reduces your game. This makes our PASSION so much fun and interesting and creates unforgettable moments.

  • After the battle : There is always some roleplaying that can be added to your character.
  • Upon returning to your camp, thank your bard

  • The chieftain can review the equipment of his  soldiers and can try to find a solution

  • The sorcerers of your camp can try to find a spell to counteract the effects of fear.


Help us to enhance your experience of the game and that we can talk about this before the event so that it becomes better for everyone.

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