The workshops are back!

The famous Ragnarok workshops are back.

Here the long expected list of gear crafting days that will be set up to prepare 2018 event!

These workshops are only accessible to Monsters and NPCs. They will take place from 10:30AM to 6:00PM. Please note that a lunch will be provided by the organization.

Schedule is :

• Sunday February 25th: inventory, various accounting, sorting, enhancement of the premises (lights and plugs), listing of all needs.

• Saturday March 10th: tents repairs, various crafting

• Saturday March 31st: various crafting

• Sunday April 22nd: various crafting

• Saturday May 19th: various crafting

• Sunday June 3rd: various crafting

• Saturday June 16th: various crafting

• Sunday July 1st: inventory, transport preparation for the event itself

More dates could be added eventually. There will also be mini-workshops in Brussels that will be described in details later on and could be opened to players. Follow this closely.

If you want to participate, please contact the crafting department: