Thank you all!

16 August 2022

Dear nomads,

Now that we have been able to take some time for ourselves and to rest, it is high time to thank you!

Thank you for participating in Ragnarok 2022! We hope you had a good time there, and thank you for your messages on the group!

Without naming names so as not to risk forgetting anyone, we would particularly like to thank the builders, the builders, those who came back to give one last helping hand in the dismantling, our too small team of volunteers who managed like leaders, the guardians, NPCs, monsters, craftsmen who have trusted us for years and new ones and you, the players without whom our work would be useless!

Concerning the found objects, they have been stored in the stock. We will be going there during the year for sorting and we will make sure to photograph everything that has been recovered from the flag.

Ragnarok is also going to need you, stay tuned, we'll communicate on that very soon!

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