Save the date - 2-3 october

30 July 2021

Dear children of Tanak,

It is high time to see each other again!
Since the two consecutive cancellations we have had to deal with, we have continued with some difficulty in running the non-profit organization Ragnarok and preparing for the 2022 event.

These two empty years have made a good dent in the finances of the non-profit organization because we have irreducible costs each year, whether or not an event is organized (rental of stock, accountant, etc.). To replenish the funds of the non-profit organization a bit and prepare for the next event as well as possible, we are organizing a tavern on the weekend of October 2 and 3!

Concretely what do we offer you? A TO tavern in costume, the organization does not provide a scenario but if you want to play among yourselves, at your convenience. There will be no inflow of game resources from the organization and no final death.
The goal of this event is to be able to meet in a nice setting and without the fuss to have a little party.
We will provide some small Molki type games and card games for those who are interested. :)

How does it work in practice?
The tavern will take place at Ferme de la Chevêche, Rue Neuve Maison 20, 5070 Sart-Saint-Laurent
It starts on Saturday October 2 at 2 p.m. until Sunday 3 at around noon
The price: 10 € which includes the rental of the site and the fact of pitching your tent in the field.
We offer a support price of € 20 for those who want to support the association but without any obligation :)

For those who would like more comfort, our guests have a cottage with 8 places available. The lodging formula: 55 €

Regarding drinks, you will be offered drink cards at € 5 as during the July event. A card includes 10 boxes and the drinks will be at a democratic price.

For the evening meal, let's keep it simple, sausage bread with onions and / or sauerkraut at € 2.5 (which we bar drinks cards). Vegetarian option possible at registration

If you sleep there, we offer a breakfast option on Sunday morning consisting of pastries, tea, coffee and orange juice for € 5 more.

The event will be limited to 80 people and we will open registrations at the end of August, already block the date in your calendars !!

Part of the team will be at PN next week for those who want to chat or ask questions;)

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