Opening of the inscriptions

07 January 2019

Dear Ragnarok participants, 

We have the pleasure to announce that the inscriptions for the 2019 event will open the 14/01/2019 !

You will find on our website (section « inscriptions ») all the needed informations. 

We want to remind to all that every PC must be part of a caravan whose background must be validated by the organisation. If not, the concerned characters will be automatically placed in the refugees’ area. 

In order to avoid an outcry undermining the motivation of the volunteers like the one encountered last year, here are a few informations on the changes made in comparison with last year. 

1) Shorter event 

 Yes, the event is one day shorter. The intention of the first opus was to make a first long event in order to mark the launch of the new cycle, to have the time to place an atmosphere, to allow the caravans to know each others, to play the daily life of a moment of encounter,... It was also a test. 

 In practice, a 5 days event has posed various problems. First of all, such a long event require participants to take a lots of vacation days. Secondly, such a long event include necessarily dead times whom become issues if they generate boredom. At last, such a long event is exhausting for the organisers and the volunteers. 

 For all of these reasons, lengthy considered, we have decided to shorten the length of the event by one day. Thus, the event will still stay one day longer than those usually organised during the first cycle and will have the same length than the one closing the last cycle. 

 2) Contribution

Kind of contribution Price Nb. of places
PC (16+ ans) 115€ 250
PC (16+ ans) 130€ 350
PC (16+ ans) 145€ -
NPC 80€ sur casting
Monster (16+ ans) 80€ -
Child 0-3 ans Gratuit -
Child 4-8 ans 35€ -
Child 9-15 ans 50€ -
Artisan Variable Contact 
Volunteer Gratuit Contact 

Some will not miss to notice that the contributions are unchanged while the event is one day shorter. This is indeed a slight rise of the rates. You must be aware that last year’s event was in deficit and Ragnarok ASBL cannot experience a second year deficit without putting the becoming of the ASBL at risk. Also, the reduction of one day of game does not change drastically the logistical costs. 

 You will also probably notice the suppression of the 95€ bracket. First off, this « discount rate » bracket has been badly perceived and associated to the base price. Subsequently, in the deficit context of last event, Ragnarok ASBL is not able to propose such reduction anymore. 

For those who consider that the event has become « unaffordable », we can only emphasize the possibility to become « monster » for 80€, food included ! It is clearly our call rate, it is clearly in this category we need people and it is clearly in this category all those who like lots of fighting will find their content, besides having an interesting « filler role ». 

 3) The place of children 

 Despite the fact Ragnarok has always wanted to have a pedagogic dimension toward the youngests, the new cycle force us to rethink the place of children inside our event. 

 Multiple factors intervene in this reassessment. First of all, the atmosphere of the new cycle is much darker than the first's such that children can therefore be placed much easely in problematic situations (either for the child or for the participant in interaction with the child). Next, the new cycle’s first opus has known a drastic increase of the number of children and teenagers. And finally, Imagimonde, our partner regulating the children, wish to reduce significantly the number of children they recieve. 

Nevertheless, we don't want to make Ragnarok a event forbidden for those under 16 for we believe the experience is possible if and only if children are framed by their parents (and thus not left to themselves most of the time). We ask every parent to act in regard to their best judgement and take responsibility if they choose to come with their children : Ragnarok is not a nursery. 

Thus, multiple changes will occur : 

- The inscriptions for Imagimonde's animations will be handled directly by themselves and won't transit by our website. Imagimonde will communicate more informations in due time. 

- Caravans who shelter children will, depending of the number of children, be gathered in an specific area where specific rules will apply. Therefore, there will not be fighting, we ask every participant to act with goodwill, there won't be a curfew (for every other caravan, the 22h30 curfew stay in application for children). 

- Children under 16 will not have character sheet (and thus won't have skills allowing to inflict damage).

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