Message to caravan contacts

06 February 2022

Dear nomads,

Here comes the hour of glory of caravan contacts! In order to properly integrate everyone into the fabric of the universe we ask that you send back a short summary of the actions and positions of your caravan.
In order to greatly facilitate the follow-up of the groups, we also ask that pending matters be brought back to the agenda. To do this: if you have an ongoing conversation, unanswered questions or proposals still in the balance, remind the members of the scenario unit via the address

It is also an opportunity to suggest new things, to let us know of the presence in your group of special characters such as large creatures or elves, do not hesitate to share with us your particular desires and even your past disappointments. in the form of constructive criticism. The purpose of the liaison work is for you to participate in the development of the adventure that will be shared at the event, so don't be shy and come and seize your chance!

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