Logistics reminders

05 June 2022

Dear nomads,

This week, some logistical information, both for newcomers to Tanak's roads and for regulars.

The Ragnarok site is connected to running water. There are therefore several water points accessible on the surface of the field. We install basins and taps there and you have access to wash your hands, fill your water bottles, cans, wash your face, etc.
If you have to bring water back to your camp, you must provide your different cans (don't forget to camouflage them with a piece of cloth so that the plastic is not visible) :)

Showers are available on site. We weren't able to have a lot of showers this year because following the covid crisis a lot of events are taking place again this summer and stocks were very limited. After struggling like hell, we managed to find some. Since there will be few, we will ask you to think collectively and not to take too long showers so that everyone can have a chance to enjoy them.

If you still want to make a small TI shower cabin in your camp and install a camping shower there, no worries! (Just don't forget to camouflage what is TO)

We remind you that we are in an ORGANIC field and that you must therefore use ORGANIC products to wash yourself, your dishes, etc. We recommend the Biotop brand if you don't know what to take :)

It is the same for the various waste, none must end up on the ground. There are trash cans installed in several places on the site and we distribute pocket ashtrays to you free of charge.

Regarding electricity, each caravan is entitled to an electrical point to connect a small fridge, and a small fridge only. If you have stewards in your caravans, they must register as craftsmen and will be able to obtain a higher electricity point. To register, you must send an email to ;)

Last thing, according to our ROI (which you have normally all read when registering) Belgian law remains applicable to the site. So be moderate in your different consumptions. ;)

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