Last reminders

14 July 2022

Dear nomads,

Here is the time for the last reminders:

Time In Thursday, July 21 at 7 a.m.
You will get up in game, the goal is not to have to shout “Time In” in the plain at the risk of sometimes not being heard.

It will be hot, we are counting on you to hydrate yourself as much as possible, water points are available in several places on the site.

Nights on Tanak are known to be cold, plan your sleeping arrangements accordingly;)

Take your TI cup/container. We will have disposable cups but it's better if you take your own ;)

Each caravan has an electrical connection provided to connect a small fridge and nothing else, no telephone chargers or resistance (kettle, coffee machine, etc.).
You must provide your extensions (minimum 50m) for the connection and if you use a reel, it must be unrolled completely (Joule effect).

Arrival of craftsmen from Tuesday 12 noon.
Arrival of participants from Wednesday 9am.

Responses to emails will be more and more random because the majority of the team is already on site.

See you soon!

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