Important information about registrations

02 June 2022

Dear Nomads

We have heard the sad news regarding our fellow Avatar organizers and the cancellation of their event. We are very saddened by this news and we send them all our support because after the Covid we all know how much it weighs on a team to have to cancel its event. :'(
We wish them to keep their motivation to be able to organize a great event next year! :)

We suspect that some would still like to participate in a LARP this summer and may want to register for Ragnarok. We advise you to read our note of intent and to take a look at our website in order to take knowledge of our lore because our proposal is different from that of Avatar. We would like you to be aware of this before signing up :)

Regarding the registration itself, we offer several types of ticket:
the player ticket (PJ ticket)
the Monster ticket which includes a food pack. You will be required to play several roles over the weekend to bring the world to life. More info on Monsters? It’s over here:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept new caravans on this date, our site plan is now closed and sent to the municipality.
New players can eventually join existing caravans if they have space. If this is not the case, they will start the game at the refugees and will be led to meet the different caravans in game and find which one they will join.

Want to know more about refugees? It's over here :)

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