Creation, craft, art in all its splendor.

10 July 2019

Characters with certain skills can craft items with game effects from equipment to consumables. The description of each skill gives more details on the available fabrications (effect, cost, etc.). 

 How to create and use objects in Ragnarok? 

It's pretty simple. First, your idea grows in your head ... And there, the idea of ​​the century, the moment of grace, only a god can have the same inspiration. Suddenly, you go to your den to design and write on parchment / paper or engrave on the stone or weave like the Incas this wonderful idea. 

 Talking Time-Out 

You need to have a creative skill! Yes…. 

Ok, but which one? Gunsmith, Artisan, Brewer, Marine Carpenter, Blacksmith, Engineer, Liquorist, Doctor, Taillandier, Alchemist, Apothecary, Herbalist, Suffereux. Enchanting (Special) Well, there are people who can do things. So having the idea is good, having the competence is even better, but it misses a small thing ... The resources ... 

 Resources can be acquired at stake in various ways. Trust your knowledge and friends with the skills of picking, hunting, haggling, etc ... they will find the resources you need. 

 To give more freedom to characters who can produce and make things, we decided to decouple the moment of "role play" from the equipment and consumables manufacturing system. All manufacturing and production processes must be played and simulated (potions, blacksmithing, etc.) before going to exchange resources at the Grand Bazaar. (The Grand Bazaar is the TO Management Site). 

 What can be done: chapter 7 on pages 62 to 72 of the rules book. 

 But this system also implies that any player will be able to make anything as long as he has the proper tools to simulate his actions. 

 In addition, any character who wants to make something by transforming resources will have to acquire labor. This workforce represents small tasks that do not require any particular skill but that greatly help the specialist (cleaning utensils, preparing tools, maintaining the fire, etc.). In practice, whenever a character makes something and has to go to the Grand Bazaar to exchange his resources for his fabrications, the producer will also have to give a "manpower" card by type of production (alchemy, forging , craftsman, etc.) that he manufactures.


"I am the leader, it's me because I'm the smartest, the most beautiful and the strongest ..." said the Grum, the leader of the horde! 

Time In:
Grum: This night, I had the revelation, we, the Horde will strengthen our ship (...) preparing our trip with the artisans. For all of this we are going to hunt, a little rapine and trade. You, Malt, our brewer, do you need what to do with the cervoise?
Malt: "8 cereals my beloved chef".
Grum: "And you, Varlopes, you'll make us a lighter hull"
Varlopes: "I need 10 cereals, 5 plants and 5 fruits"
Grum: "Tranchet, you know how to make weapons that come out of your forge a little stronger this time"
Tranchet: "Yes, but I need minerals, rocks, fish, plants and gems"
Grum: "All this? what are you going to do to us? "
Tranchet: "a small weapon that will be unbreakable at the size of my boss. "
Grum: "Good Go! We go hunting, Ark take your stuff, Kromanion, you come we'll pick, Carelet, take your fishing rod we go get some fish » That's it, how did the great migration of the horde begin ... 

But what good can fish be for a weapon? Several possibilities, recover your blood to impregnate the blade, take the skin to make a handle covered with scales ... It's up to you to find the justification. 

For the Enchanters, it's also a little different. To place a spell in an item, they must also know the spell. History of not doing anything, magic is a very serious art. So you need the Spider or Summoner Skill! Enchanting Recap: Enchanting Skill + Weaver / Summoner + Known Spell + Components (page 67 rules manual) 

 Time-out how to do it.

 As soon as you have the resources, the manpower and your idea. That you played and simulated the production. You go to the Grand Bazaar Quinta which in return for these will give you the equivalent of what you want to create

Where is Quinta? In the center of the city, in front of the banner. 

 Fabrications that are out of the ordinary 

It is possible for alchemists, apothecaries and engineers to develop things that are out of the ordinary and not included in this Compendium. These extraordinary things, be they potions, drugs or machines, take a long time to develop. Any search has no chance of success if at least 5 cards are not invested in this search. The more complex the search is, the more labor it requires. The research project, which includes its description and the expected effect, must be placed in an envelope with the invested cards. This envelope must be deposited in the urn "Research" of the Grand Bazaar. Searches will be processed between events. Do not forget to indicate a way to contact you (email address, caravan, etc.).

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