Rules of proper conduct in Malkovie

Un jour de pluie
Vif-Haven Caravan

Ah, so you too want to travel in Malkovie?

Don't listen to the rumors, it isn't necessarily worse or better than anywhere else, the living, they also feel the need to trade, same as everywhere… And if you look at it from a certain angle, perhaps more so because they don't travel much.

And their lords? Yes, of course don't do stupid things or you'll end up all bled out, but come on, they are not as bad as people make them out to be.

Let's say that there are some rules to follow but if you stay between the lines, they don't pose a problem.

First of all, you just can't sleep wherever you want. Along the roads there are resting places. It is in these places that vampires won't hunt you, most of the time. Besides, between them, the ghouls and other niceties, it won't be your best night.

If ever you need to interact with one of their lords, keep in mind that they are touchy and really much tougher than us…

First, never interrupt them, never! It is the best way to go from a fruitful conversion to becoming fruit - for them…

Next, begin discussions by offering them a present befitting their stature. A good barrel of blood is always appreciated! Know this, most of the Malkoviën nobles have an obsession, they each have their own collection. If you get to know what they collect and you can offer them a new piece, they will consider your demands much more favorably!

Similarly, if they offer you a present, accept it, it's a sign of trust from them!

Finally, never sit down in front of a mirror in their presence, vampires consider it to be their place.

To finish up, some final tips…
Stakes are forbidden, don't tempt the devil either way, you won't win a fight…
And don't think that you will eat well in the taverns, some say that spices give a bad taste to blood.

So, that is what I have to say to you. If you follow my guidelines, you shouldn't have more problems than on the empire's roads.

gathered by Patte de Mouche at the behest of the trader Arnolf in the bloody mountains

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