The transmission of the Diary of Vif-Haven

Le grand bazard

11th day of Armil 489

Vif-Haven Caravan

Apparently I have to continue this diary, until recently it was Perdouan who had it.

Unfortunately, the cold made it drew its breath a few days ago.

Since I never manage to make myself useful in our caravan, the other have decided it was my turn to keep it up to date.

When you think about it, it is an unusual custom this diary.

And to my knowledge, our caravan is the only one to keep its journal as the personal diary of the caravaners that follows one another at the quill of its pages.

When I reread the firsts line drafted by its first owner, it always warm my heart :

« I don't exactly know why I have started keeping this journal. From the continent I have only known the domination of the Gold Empire. I was born under his yoke, like my parents before me, and I'll probably die in the same conditions.

Yet I'm trying the keep hope that 'Vif-Haven' is not only the name of our caravan, but also a promise. Like many other that bear the same dark and rare lives of joy, I want to believe that the road welcomes those who threw themselves to it.

Many have stayed for too long away from the light of the campfires and the songs of the bards. They have forgotten that the living were yore the soul of Tanak dancing on itself. Stuck in their cities with their forgotten names and their past glory, they have accepted to live with death at their doorstep.

On the roads, it runs after us all, taking sometimes some grotesques forms or the face of a friend. But as long as we keep travelling, we feel like we are being able to escape it. As it it gave us a chance not to end in one of those cemeteries from which we don't come back.

If all the paths could lead to the same campfire, just once. Then, for a few nights maybe, we would not be scared. Long enough to forge links. Together, folks of the road, we would be enough to repel all the wolves and bandits of the continent if we needed to, may they be dead or alive.

Maybe even would we be enough to change the world...”

He must have been a good guy. In any case, his fellow travelers of the time considered it enough to carry on his work until it get to me today. And not only the usual caravan diary of any well organised caravan. No no, until their death, they also all kept collecting testimonies on the roads.

I who'm not comfortable with strangers, here I am in trouble. How will I go gather stories on our encounter as I bearly dare to say hello to the other caravaners ? I think that in a first time, I'll focus mainly on the stories of our own caravan, until I find courage for more. I hope that the next one will be better than I am.

This custom of legacy has a funny way to throw me back to the idea of my own passing to come. As late as possible I hope...

Patte de Mouche, Vif-Haven Caravan.