Ragnarok 2023 - Stone Garden

Ragnarok 2023 - Stone Garden

Du 20 July 2023 au 23 July 2023 - Déjà 418 inscrits

The Mossem nomadic uprising of the year 500 marked the beginning of the Grand Bazaar's and, in effect, Mossem's secrecy from the Golden Empire.

The Grand Bazaar, which had always served as a diplomatic intermediary between the Empire and the nomads to organize the gathering, is now considered seditious by the Imperial eye. Thus, even the caravans that have not participated in the sedition will prefer to avoid controls, for fear that the instructions given to the troops of the undead, often without brains, do not bother with this kind of discernment. Who knows then when the nomads will again be able to gather in large numbers on these territories without fearing the wrath of the undead...

Most therefore travel by side roads and back roads, under false names and false pretenses with the aim of leaving the territories controlled by the Golden Empire as quickly as possible. During the few meetings between caravans, we talk about the wars that seem to be brewing on the continent and we exchange the least risky routes to reach the Wild Lands, place of the next Mossem. While the exact location remains a mystery, concerned nomads are promised that faeries will find them en route to bring them safely and on time to their rendezvous. Indeed, it is better not to wander too much in the Wild Lands which, more than ever, are plagued by clan wars which seem motivated by a strange evil which maintains these endless conflicts. But at least, there, no political authority or militia, neither imperial nor malkove, only the steppes and the freedom deserved at the cost of survival.

It would be Cyan, the Primordial Faerie who had returned their powers to a graveyard at the last Mossem, who would have definitely tipped the scales for the destination of the next gathering. She and her brother Fuschia would have guaranteed to the Grand Bazaar that they would repeat the feat of awakening a cemetery during the next Mossem if the nomads gathered where they had an appointment with Suffer the third of the four primordial faeries. What some nomads are wary of elsewhere. According to these, more than their presence, it is rather the still unexplained phenomenon of the gathering of Relics at the Mossem that interests the faeries...

The most cautious therefore fear being once again at the heart of events that go far beyond the framework of the end-of-year celebrations.

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