Geopolitical situation

Bouche of Tanak

After Harapan was taken, the region of the “Bouche of Tanak” and more particularly “Kadévra” and its suburbs soon turned into a refugee camp of gigantic proportions. The local population made up of sick and mutants welcomed the newcomers by integrating them into their gangs, reducing them into slavery or using them as food. While the “Tisseuse” and “Mumres” retreated into the depths of the crater, the “Baron” transformed the city into a fortified camp. The war raged for a year without stopping, but the “Kadrevis” had Necromancers, undead, demons, the same weapons as those of the invader. Taking advantage of their entrenched position, they repelled the troops of the “Golden Empire” many times but were unable to act beyond their mountains. The conflict sank, until the “Golden Empire” simply stopped attacking this impregnable stronghold. The whole city is still under the influence of mafias and gangs today.

As for the dwarves, they were no longer to be seen when the attacks of the “Golden Empire” ceased. They retreated behind the bronze gates of “Amrung Dohr”, their underground citadel, never to open them again.

Golden Empire

Les morts vivants

Despite its victory over “Harapan” in 426, the “Golden Empire” was not able to swiftly take control of most of “Tanak”. It had to consolidate its positions and acquisitions, while not receiving strong support from the local population. Therefore its conquests slowed the war effort considerably by monopolizing the undead superiors. The “Golden Empire” like any conqueror had indeed to face the administration of the occupied lands where protest and rebellion rumbled.

The “Golden Empire” first concentrated its efforts on the “Serenissima” which fell on its knees, then on the “Teuts Empire” that disintegrated, and on the problem of “Midgard” and the “Mouth of Tanak” that was circumscribed. The peoples of nations under the yoke of the “Golden Empire” were neither abused nor enslaved as long as they respected the new edicts. However, since then, drastic control has been exercised over urban centres and roads. Meanwhile large sparsely populated territorial areas occasionally see passing patrols or moving troops.

The Teuts Empire

The Teuts Empire did not see its fall coming. It waged a fierce and costly war against the joint forces of “EdO” and “Malkovie”, sure of its power, confident behind its Shield. For a long time it resisted at the combined assaults of the two enemy nations through a strong alliance with the “Midgardian Duchy”. The betrayal of Duke Von Kholf that allowed the territories of Kholf and the region of the Heart to be taken by Malkovie gave the fatal blow from the inside. Forced to flee and abandon his capital, the Emperor took refuge in his most impregnable territories: the “Airain Coast” enclosed by the mountains of “Pierre's Gulf”. This small territory, strongly fortified and isolated from all sides, is all that remains of the mighty “Teuts Empire” and owes its survival only to an endless watch and a spartan rationalization of its resources.

Even if the “Teuts Empire” is now only the shadow of the nation that it was, it still remains thanks to the pugnacity and fanaticism of its inhabitants. This state of mind pushes them to fight tirelessly to repel the armies of the “Golden Empire” who are trying to force the Wall, the new network of forts built to secure internal borders. The Emperor has entrusted all his state’s key positions to the priests of “Caran” and the “Feldmarschall” who form a fanatical elite that does not hesitate to burn any suspect of collusion with the enemy.


In the grip of internal divisions and political instability, at odds with “Kadévra”, the “Ghestalt” tried somehow to fight the troops of the “Golden Empire”. When the “Serenissima” was on her knees and the conflict with “Kadévra” bogged down, the “Ghestalt” suffered from its geographical position. Too close to the “Porte de l'Air” and ideal rear logistic base to hold the blockade of the “Mouth of Tanak”, the “Ghestalt” became an important strategic issue.

Still very chaotic, the nation divided itself even further under this new pressure. Some decided to flee to “Kadévra” despite the unenviable fate of slavery awaiting them, others chose to stay and collaborate with the “Golden Empire”. However, several recent attacks on “Golden Empire” administrators fomented by the latest leader have strained relations with local dignitaries.


The Holy City of “Harapan” was the gateway that allowed the troops of the “Golden Empire” to invade the continent. Indeed, 72 years ago, the powerful miracle workers of the “Golden Empire” managed, through a complex magical ritual, to bind the “Arches of Harapan” to the “Great Gate of Terres de Feu” creating a continuous and instantaneous passage between both territories.

When “Harapan” fell, the city quickly became a stronghold under the absolute authority of the “Golden Empire”. Renamed the “Porte de l'Air”, the city is today the continental extension of the central power of the “Golden Empire”, almost an obliged passage point for any administrator or official.

Ice islands

Les vikings

Due to the cooling of the area, the lands of the “Grande Froide” were abandoned and the clan of “Narval”, led by Gunnarson, settled permanently in the ice islands where life was made easier thanks to the heat released by the many volcanoes. Having no real rival on the ice seas, the clan prospered without the need of allies.

Today, the tyrannical king Olrik Bjornson reigns on the ice islands with an iron fist. His drakkars filled with proud warriors are frequently sent on raids to plunder the Malkovian coasts and teuts, or are pushed as far as the wild lands.

Even before the fall of “Harapan”, the islanders had sensed that the lack of cohesion and dialogue among the nations of the continent would end with the victory of the “Golden Empire”. Wishing to save what could be saved, they decided to withdraw from the continent and offered asylum to those who wanted it.

Once back in their “Archipelago”, accompanied by many refugees, they closed their borders and only reluctantly admitted new foreigners. Today, island waters are considered the most dangerous and little news come from the “Archipelago”.


At war for ages against the caliphate of “Ramauk”, “Mahouds” had no choice but to go back up “Pont de Terre” to expand their territory. Redoubtable warriors, the “Mahouds” managed to hold in check the combined forces of the “Teuts Empire” and the “Serenissima”. Only the capture of “Harapan” by the “Golden Empire” and its legions pouring over the continent ran aground the “Mahoud” territorial expansion at the gates of the “Vallée de l’Encens”.

Allies of circumstance with the “Golden Empire” in order to crush their common enemies such as the “Califat”, the “Mahouds” were able to preserve their newly acquired lands. Today, the trading post established on the “Pont de Terre” border has quickly become a thriving trading city. However, it is the only place where foreigners are admitted : no caravan that has penetrated deeper into the territory has ever returned.

Mirror of the fairies

When the “Golden Empire” invaded the “Miroir des Fées”, it captured the last elves, dryads and other gnomes still present. A bastion was built on the island, in the middle of the silver lake, that became a high security prison.

It is whispered that the guards torture the souls of the prisoners to create evil spirits that the “Golden Empire” uses for secret purposes.

Port la Rafle

Released from the despicable yoke of the “Officer”, the raided remained fiercely opposed to any centralized power, so much so that “Port la Rafle” is run by an anarchic assembly of captains. Although they have long been reluctant to compromise with the “Golden Empire” and preferred to profit from the many piracy opportunities offered by the wars between the great powers, the raided have now felt the wind turn. A majority of captains have thus preferred to offer their services to the “Golden Empire” rather than being invaded.

They offered to maintain the control of the sea while the “Golden Empire” controls the land. Their fleet has quickly become indispensable in the trade on the high seas, eliminating any competition. If, officially, “Port la Rafle” works for the “Golden Empire”, there is always some captain or another to engage in piracy, which contributes to the uncertain and vague reputation of the raided.

Pincipality of Malkovie

For a long time, the “Midgard” and the “Teuts” Empire fought together to repel the onslaught of the “Golden Empire”. And they probably could have struggled on for years if several events had not taken place simultaneously. First of all, the “Serenissima” was beaten, which allowed the Golden Empire to send many reinforcements on the imperial front. Then, the betrayal of Duke Von Kholf who turned against the Emperor “Teuts” deprived the “Midgard” of any support. The descendants of the “Vampire Princes”, hidden for centuries among mortals, were probably among the greatest beneficiaries of the invasion of the “Golden Empire”. Galvanized by the audacity of Katarina and the victories of the “Golden Empire”, they fomented in the greatest secrecy the fall of the “Teuts” Empire. And when Duke Von Kholf was vampirized, the game was almost over.

Today, life is hard for the inhabitants of lands under “Malkovian” control. The vampires have appointed human landowners at the head of the communities with the sole mission of keeping the territories under control and keeping a flock available for their masters’ hunger. Many of them take advantage to enrich themselves via corruption and unfair taxes. The day is made of sweat and hard labour to produce what the lords will steal, but it is at night that the vampires come out to feed. The inhabitants stay at home, opening to no one under any pretext, while the countryside becomes a death trap for travellers who have not found any shelter, thus becoming the prey of packs of ghouls or their masters.


An ancient and powerful nation, the Caliphate of “Ramauk” has, in the course of its history, been in turn courted and forgotten. Territorially enclosed between its two hereditary enemies, the “Golden Empire” and the “Mahouds”, isolated from the rest of the continent by the “Sea of Thirst”, the Caliphate could not cope with the awakening of its accursed neighbour.

In order to settle a millenary account, the “Golden Empire” allied for the occasion to the “Mahouds” made warning for all by turning the “Caliphate of Ramauk into a gigantic silent necropolis. Today, the wonders of the “Ramauk “necropolis are slowly covered with sand and fall into oblivion. Only a few legends with an exotic fragrance tell of its lost splendour.


The “Serenissima” Confederation of the Southern States was already entangled for a long time in a costly conflict with the “Mahouds” when the forces of the “Golden Empire” attacked the city-states. Dilapidating its reserves to maintain its armies and unable to trade or appeal to its allies, the “Serenissima” was down 6 years after the fall of “Harapan”.

Two of the great families that make up the “Croix” signed a compromise with the “Golden Empire” and still administer today the city-states under the direct control of imperial administrators. By annexing the “Serenissima”, the “Golden Empire” also seized all the “Éons” from Trottola's coffers and decreed worthless the old currencies. Henceforth, only the currency of the “Golden Empire” has official value throughout the Empire.

Barbarian lands

Les barbares

After the fall of “Harapan”, many internal conflicts tore apart the “Great Assembly” and the “Red Rock” so that the barbarian clans and green-skinned tribes split up. The “Golden Empire” took advantage of this lack of cohesion and quickly and officially took possession of the barbarian lands even if the control exerted is limited to sporadic patrols and erratic controls of the roads, more frequent the closer you get to “Harapan”.

However, the many “Malkove” incursions are far more problematic. Indeed, the barbarian lands bordering the Principalities have become an ideal hunting ground for vampire princes and their offsprings who must learn to survive there for a whole year. Today, the barbarian clans and green-skinned tribes live in small, nomadic groups, isolated from each other, and only meet occasionally.

Wild territories

Following the many internal conflicts that ripped apart the “Great Assembly” and the “Red Rock”, “Jackal” retreated with the beast-men into the territories of the Air, sealing their borders, eliminating anyone who entered his lands in a particularly violent way.

The increasingly cold weather that fell over the years over the region further isolated it from the rest of the world. Today, the “Wild Territories” are more inhospitable than ever : deserted by humans, they are populated by beast-men, spirits and other wild creatures.


The “Construct” having been taken by the “Zephires” beyond the “Arches” just before the capture of “Harapan”, the people of “Utopia” found themselves abandoned for the first time in their history. Suddenly unable to meet their needs, part of the population tried to reach the continent.

Those who remained found themselves isolated from the rest of “Tanak”. Today, no one has heard any news of the island, and its existence is slowly becoming a legend.