Edict from the Golden Empire

In the name of the almighty and eternal Crystal Prophet and of his venerable protectors and representatives, plenipotentiary Princes Morjul and Darh’Alvn,

Considering all subjects of the Golden Empire as performers of the Crystal Prophet’s will and considering the superior and inalienable missions entrusted to them as the foundation of the domination, the order and the peace brought to the world:

I. The Crystal Prophet is our Only Guide. None can evade his cult. Any blasphemy against him or idolatry causing him any arm, will be punished in all occasions and in all places.

II. All higher undeads are created free from the burden of life and having right of life, death or enslavement over anyone.
All lower undeads are born enslaved to their superiors and free from the burden of life.

III. All living souls, except for the elves, are born liable and must serve the superior undeads without disputes.
All elves are outlaws and must be systematically chased in order to be eliminated

IV. All political rights and constitutional assemblies in conquered nations are terminated. The central administration of the Golden Empire is the one and only competent authority.

V. Any living people are in servitude and submitted to the goodwill of any undead. Therefore, the last will ensure good work, piety and obedience from all.
In this spirit, any individuals must accept unconditionally to any control, searching, interrogation or take-over from the Golden Empire’s agents.

VI. Any individual can be enslaved; slavery and the trade of slaves are allowed in all forms as long as an official authorization is owned.

VII. Possession and usage of life stones or Eons without authorization duly granted is forbidden. The same is true for objects with magical properties.

VIII. Any enemy fighter, any individual hostile to the Empire along with any clandestine elf must be immediately reported, seized and brought to the authorities as fast as possible. Non compliance to this rule or shelter of an opponent or an elf will considered as complicity and punished accordingly.

IX. Any contestation of the new world order is considered as treason. Even more so, any act of rebellion will be mercilessly repressed.

X. Previous commandments are ineffable, constitute the duties of all subjects to the Golden Empire and can’t be interpreted in any way. None can escape these commandments. Enslavement in death is the only destination for those who would disobey some of these articles.