Background of the mossem

Year 499 of the calendar marked with year zero by the flight of the false gods

For 73 years, since the Golden Empire conquered the capital of Tanak, the ancient holy city of Harapan, and prohibited the heretical ceremony of relics, it is the Philosophy of the Crystal which has imposed itself as the only true faith in its territory. The philosophy of the Crystal Prophet, offers everyone the chance to deserve to exceed their life expectancy. Through a particular necromancy, the cult of the Prophet thus offers survival beyond death, in non-death.
Touched by the message carried by the prophet, the people lived happily, until after his death. In the great cities of the Empire, trade is prosperous and culture, nourished by the wisdom of the undead, is flourishing.

Only on the plains are there people less convinced of the capital city way of life and living with the undead. Indeed, some have preferred to leave the cities to live in tiny reclusive and often destitute hamlets or even more radically on the roads, as nomads.

For the latter, survival on the roads is not an easy task and the caravans of nomads must be united in difficult times. To do this, some of the largest and most famous caravans organize gatherings of nomads called “Mossem”. The most famous of these Mossems is undoubtedly the one organized by the caravan of the Grand Bazaar at the time of the new year. Merchant caravans from the Empire, troops of mercenaries, itinerant artists, collectors of knowledge and antiquities, slavers, craftsmen and simply curious people gather there. Many refugees lost on the roads take the opportunity to join a caravan there, otherwise they risk not making it through the winter. All these little people come to pitch their tents and stalls around the Grand Bazaar and for a few days, the meeting place becomes a small ephemeral town.

Of course, such a thing cannot be improvised. The Golden Empire, in conjunction with the Grand Bazaar, ensures that each caravan has a pass in order to prevent marauders or looters from joining the festivities. Empire officials ensure the gathering goes off without a hitch. It is also an opportunity for them to find the cursed elves still at large, most of whom are fleeing the judgment of the Prophet by hiding in caravans of nomads.

The Empire knows full well that the Mossems serve as hangouts for the scum that make up the underworld, small heretical sects, and underground networks that aid runaway elves. But nomads having the art of gathering far from cities and never staying planted for long, it is difficult to completely control these gatherings.

Only for a few years now have these Mossems posed more and more real problems for the representatives of the Empire. The practice of forbidden cults, attacks on representatives, up to deliberate acts of terrorism. Some reports are indeed beginning to bother in high places since for two years in a row there has been a rumor that we have seen at the Mossem of the Grand Bazaar relics of ancient religions dedicated to false gods.

The practice of magic or the possession of magical objects being, for safety reasons, prohibited by law unless an official exemption, in addition to the violation of the regulations of the cult, if the rumor was true that would have serious consequences for the nomads who would be found guilty or complicit in this trafficking.

Obviously all fingers point to those who claim to form a “Resistance” against the established order and good morals, always the same ones who seek thrill or glory in useless confrontations. But the Empire will ensure that these citizens who simply prefer the nomadic life and only want to celebrate the New Year or trade are not endangered by the magical or political experiments of a few unconscious.

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