from 18th to 22th july 2018

More info and new website soon


Summer 2018 is coming…

In anticipation of the new Ragnarok’s cycle (expected in summer 2018), we are currently building a brand new website for you. It will provide you with all needed information to ensure a smooth game and a succesful event in general.

In the meantime, we remain available through our Facebook and by mail at

However, please note that this new cycle will introduce several deep changes in regard with the previous instalments:

Game universe background : the world will be slightly different than the one you used to know. The Gold Empire victory and occupation of Harapan have left permanent marks and scars on the land.

Storyline : the narrative scale will be adapted. It will not be about telling the stories of massive nations anymore. The scenario will be more focused around the groups and characters.

Rules : on one hand, there will be some modification to make the gameplay consistent with the new background. On the other hand, some old mechanics will be deeply revised. (i.e. characters management and evolution)

Event : it will be longer, offering a four-day long game that would start on Wednesday evening and end by Sunday noon.

These changes imply that it will not be possible to embody a character from the first cycle. All participants will be required to create a fresh character for this cycle.

Despite those changes, Ragnarok will remain as always, “a convivial and immersive masslarp”:

Masslarp means that Ragnarok is a live action role playing game (not a festival, not a video game) that gathers more than a thousand people. You will probably be one of these participants. We will need you and your involvement to guarantee and preserve the immersive spirit of Ragnarok. Without your help, all our effort will be in vain.

Due to the large number of participants, a masslarp also implies that different sensitivities and expectations coexist in the same game. The Golden Rule for all interactions between characters is continuous roleplaying: you must consider all actions and situations with the eyes off your character.

Immersive because Ragnarok offers an original universe with a strong internal consistency in which the characters are set. Discovering this very consistency is a major game driver. Therefore, all characters whom will develop in Ragnarok must be original characters. They must be created specifically and exclusively for this universe.

In order to facilitate the immersion in Ragnarok’s universe, we forbid nylon camping tent and plastic pergola. We also demand that all participants put a special effort in the quality of their costume. In the same spirit, we request that our participants refrain from using their smartphone and to remain discrete while taking pictures. The use of any electricity will be limited to the strict necessity.

Convivial because we consider that all participants must nourish warm and benevolent relationship with each other. This to ensure that the game happens in a safe and trusty environment. We consider that every participants should behave like mature and responsible individuals. Therefore, we ask you to make sure at all time that your equipment is safe and presents no risks to other people. We also believe you can manage your character yourself with honesty. Mutual trust between participants and with the organization is the mandatory cornerstone to make a masslarp smooth and entertaining for everybody.

Ragnarok is organized in this convivial spirit: all members of the organization are volunteers and take on their own time to create a quality event open to a large community. Ragnarok shouldn’t be taken for granted, it is a wonderful gift. Let’s make sure together, that the magic happens every year.